I ♥ Spring TAG!

Hello everybody! Spring is finally here so I thought I would do this Spring Tag!! I hope you like it! :)

So here are the questions!

1. Favorite Spring Nailpolish?
This is Erre Due's number 67  nailpolish. One of my favorites for spring and summer!

2.  What is your must-have lip color this spring?
 My favorite lipstick at the moment is the Seventeen matte lipstick in the number 06. It is a matte long lasting bright pink lipstick with SPF 15 and without parabens!!

3. Show us your favorite spring dress.
I have an entire post about my favorite spring dress where I also show you how to style it! You can check it out here!

4. What's you favorite flower?
Well.....I will let you guess this one cause I think it's obvious..... I'm sure you can tell just by taking a look on my url,
and yes you guessed it right!!It is ROSES!! ♥
5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?
My favorite spring accessory is my new statement necklace from Stradivarius! It has a beautiful pastel light blue color and I ♥ it!!

6. What spring trend are you most excited about this year? (makeup/fashion)
I really really like the bright orange lip trend fot this year's spring! I'm so excited! I do own a neon coral liptick which I ♥ which is one of the Mabelline Vivids; but I think I am going to buy an orange, like, really orange lipstick!! Amelia Liana made me want the Mac Morange lipstick!! What do you think? Should I get it?
7. Favorite spring candle?
My favorite one is a candle from Glade which smells like strawberries! Unfortunately I could'nt find a name on the candle but I hope the picture can help :P

8. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?
My favorite body spray at the moment is the Avon Naturals rose and chocolate body spray. It is very light and has a floral scent but it's also a little bit sweet. You can't smell the chocolate in it but you can definitely smell something more than roses. It's my favorite for every morning!
9. What is spring like where you live?
I am lucky enough to live in Greece where spring is a great season! It starts to be sunny outside and the flowers start to bloom.... uh it's so beautiful! I ♥ the sun! So, spring makes me very very happy. There are colors everywhere again, instead of black & white and grey clouds. It's warm enough to wear dresses and shorts with a light cardigant or jacket but still at night it's a little bit cooler.Even when it starts to rain outside, it doesn't last for a long time; and before you know it it's sunny again! In general, I really like spring where I live!

10. What's your favorite thing about spring?
My favorite thing about spring, is the weather. As I said it is sunny again. And when the sun is out and the days are warmer, my mood really changes! I am so happy and I regain my will and strength to do many many things every day. When there is light and colors everywhere I tend to enjoy life even more! Light really makes my day! I would never be able to live in a country where it's rainy and cloudy all the time. I'm sure that I wouldn't be as happy.

11. Are you a spring cleaner?
Well..... I 'm not much of a cleaner! But I do recognize it is something that has to be done! The truth is that I only get excited about it every time I  purchase new things to put around the house. Changing the decoration, which I do way too often to be honest-beyond Christmas and Easter- makes me feel so excited that it doesn't bother me to move and clean absolutely everything. Secret advice: Music always helps.

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
Spring break here in Greece means Easter vacation. We usually like to spend these holidays with our families and not by partying with friends. In Greece there are many great eastern customs to follow which makes you feel complete no matter where you are. Given that, people here don't tend to go to places for Easter except maybe for Nauplio and Corfu island- two ideal locations to enjoy some unique customs.
My plans include going to my home village and spending time with my family near the sea.


  1. Υπεροχες φωτογραφιες!!!!

    1. Χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσαν!! :))

  2. auto to galazio kai emna maresi poly

    des to teleuteo post mou kai pes mou tin gnomi sou gia tis teleutes agores mou



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